Closing Statement time from the Illinois GOP Governor Debate.

Dan Proft talked about Chris Christie’s closing statement saying: “It’s time to turn Trenton upside down.”  Proft said he would turn Springfield upside down.

Jim Ryan said that the 2010 Illinois Governor’s election is a defining moment in Illinois history.  Ryan said the social contract was breached by Blagojevich.  Ryan said gov’t should be on the side of the people .

Bob Schillerstrom said that Illinois has a huge opportunity to turn it around in 2010.  Mr. Schillerstrom says his DuPage Co. Experience will help give a clean break to Illinois.  Schillerstrom said DuPage is a model GOP government.  Schillerstrom said that DuPage has a AAA bond rating, which is a step higher than Milw. Co. Executive Scott Walker who has a double AA bond rating.  Walker is running for GOP Governor in Wisconsin.

Adam Andrzejewski said “why do you fight and what you are fighting for?”  Andrzejewski said he would fight for a new Reagan Revolution in Illinois.  Andrzejewski said that 2010 is a leadership election.  Andrzejewski emphasized his forensic auditing to get Illinois back on track.  Andrzejewski said he is for a 7 day read the bill period.

Bill Brady has said that his business experience will help him get jobs back into Illinois.  Brady said the candidate must best sell these principles in order to win from top to bottom.  Brady said the wins in NJ and VA are because of leadership of great candidates like Chris Christie and Bob McDonnell.  Brady says he is the leader to go across party lines to win.

Kirk Dillard said that Illinois is in crisis.  Dillard has said his experience as former Gov. Jim Edgar’s Chief of Staff to balance budgets and his new “destination economy” plan are two keys to his candidacy.  Dillard said he would talk the talk on ethics.  Dillard said he would shut down the campaign fund once he is sworn in.  Dillard said the Chicago Tribune touted him as a rare find in Illinois politics.

Andy McKenna talked about 1,000 people in Illinois going to jail for public corruption in the last 30 years, and said that Gov. Quinn is “Blago Lite”.   McKenna touted his business experience and making Springfield live within its means to being a good Governor in his opinion.

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