First question is on Homeland Security after Ft. Hood tragedy.

Dan Proft started off.  Mr. Proft has said that in wake of the Fort Hood tragedy that the next Illinois Governor must be ready to lead the National Guard in case of an emergency.  Proft talked about coooperation between state and feds as a key.

Jim Ryan talked about his experiences as former Attorney General being the first to pass an anti-terrorism bill.  Ryan said he would take homeland security seriously.

Bob Schillerstrom said that the Government must provide for public safety.  Mr. Schillerstrom said that emergency planning is a key to being protected in emergencies like Fort Hood.  Schillerstrom stressed adequate resources.

Adam Andrzejewski talked about immigration policy as a key towards winning the battle of Homeland Security.  The candidate talked about having e-Verify at the state level to stem illegal immigration like at the fed level.

Bill Brady stressed having the right people to lead Illinois on Homeland Security.   Illinois according to Brady denies Second Amendment rights and is for expanded right to bear arms and concealed carry.  Illinois and Wisconsin are the only two states without conceal carry.

Kirk Dillard talked about his experiences being Chief of Staff under former Governor Jim Edgar.   Dillard talked about handling two major floods and the Gulf War deployment of Guardsmen as his experience.

Andy McKenna talked about how ineffective the Brady Administration has been on Homeland Security

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