Illinois Budget next topic on what to do

Bob Schillerstrom is for zero based budgeting.   Schillerstrom would demand that all state agencies start at zero and how they will justify their spending.  Schillerstrom cited his experience as Du Page Co. Executive to use zero based budgeting.

Adam Andrzejewski has advocated for auditing the entire books in Springfield and accelerate the new Illinois transparency bill.  The candidate is for forensic auditing to save money.  Note: This is a evidence based audit.

Bill Brady is for cutting fraud, waste, abuse, and cutting out big ticket items.  Brady is for reforming medicaid, Department of Corrections, and other high cost state departments to balance the budget.

Kirk Dillard is for pension reform and restructuring medicaid.  Also, Dillard would end the irresponsible free rides on transit for 65 and older and use it towards financial aid for college students.

Andy McKenna warned the state would go into bankruptcy if no hard cuts are made.  McKenna has talked about reforming Medicaid and is for passing the Illinois Sunshine Act.

Dan Proft said in Illinois they currently count debt as revenue.  Proft is for forensic auditing of Illinois books.

Jim Ryan has said many community and civic leaders told him that Illinois is near the tipping point.  Ryan cited Blagojevich’s wasteful spending and is for gutting ineffective programs.

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