Mike Tate laugh alert: Misplaced attack on the RPW over Sarah Palin’s apperance.

Slick talking Mike Tate has given us a new laugh alert by this time putting a misplaced attack on the Republican Party of Wisconsin over Sarah Palin’s appearance in Milwaukee. Reince Priebus the GOP Chairman of Wisconsin has said that this event is not a Republican Party of Wisconsin event as the event is run by Wisconsin Right to Life as WRTL is imposing the media blackout not the GOP.

Mike Tate called Reince’s response: ” a cop-out”.  Excuse me Mike, you shot the puck way too wide on this one thinking you got a political power play goal.  Reince Priebus has had zero involvement in bringing Sarah Palin to Milwaukee this weekend.  That is a silly response you get from a party leader who will not admit his party is in serious trouble without a major governor candidate and his party engaging in Illinois style corruption.  Also, add on his previous racial slurs towards taxpayers and you got another Mike Tate laugh alert.

The looney Mike Tate hits just keep on coming.  This blog will continue to expose his failed leadership to the people of Wisconsin until he gets the message from the people.

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12 Responses to Mike Tate laugh alert: Misplaced attack on the RPW over Sarah Palin’s apperance.

  1. Seriously... says:

    Seriously…how many times can you mention the name “Mike Tate” in a week? You just can’t get help yourself, can you?

  2. Seriously... says:

    Seriously…how many times can you mention the name “Mike Tate” in a week? You just can’t help yourself, can you?

    • Kyle Maichle says:

      Give me a break man. You are just worried that I am the only person in Wisconsin holding the Chairman accountable when your buddies at Channel 3 and TMJ 4 give him a free pass.

  3. Seriously... says:

    Actually…I’m more worried for your sanity. You clearly have an unhealthy obsession with this guy. What is the reasoning? You talk about him almost once a day – at least!

    • Kyle Maichle says:

      You are missing the point man. I am holding the guy accountable. Why the hell are you afraid of accountability? You are just afraid that lefties like you just got owned in VA and NJ this week and I bet you are scared that its going to happen in WI next year.

  4. blogger1 says:

    I think you are obsessed with mike tate. You give him way too much credit.

  5. the bystander says:

    Actually I think the Mike Tate thing is really kind of sweet in a “I pulled her ponytail” sort of disfunctional attraction way. As for next year’s election, if college dropout Scotty Walker wins the governor’s race, we here in Milwaukee County finally get rid of him. If he loses we get a Democratic governor. Win Win!

    P.S. nobody cares about the FIB governor’s race. It’s about as interesting as the Forest County Clerk’s race.

    • Kyle Maichle says:

      Hey bystander, I have a core group of readers of my blog who are from Illinois. I know plenty of friends in the IL GOP along with the WI GOP. I have an equal stake in both races. To compare IL to the Forest County Clerk’s race is a gross understatement. I have a good friend from Wabeno which is in Forest County that would laugh the daylights out of ya.

      Everyone in America is watching IL too with WI as its a state moving past the comedy and corruption of Rod Blagojevich.

    • Kyle Maichle says:

      bystander, give me a break on comparing Illinois to Forest County. I have a core group of readers from Illinois and I have good friends connected to the IL GOP. Give me a break man.

  6. the bystander says:


    Don’t get you tidy whitey’s in a bunch! Just a couple of points for you to ponder.

    1) Have you ever been ACTUALLY involved in a winning election campaign in the real world? If you had you’d understand that nobody give a damn how some blogger scores a debate 80 days before an election. The only score that counts is the one on election day.

    2) As for the idea that some Republican is going to clean up the statehouse in Illinois it just shows your inexperience and lack of historical perspective. THIS IS THE CLEANEST ILLINOIS POLITICS HAVE BEEN IN 150 YEARS. Whoever is elected will simply continue the long and storied traditions of the office.

    3) As for holding Mike Tate “accountable” spare me your silly daydreams. The only thing the public in Wisconsin cares less about than FIB elections is who holds the state party chairs.

    Perhaps they didn’t mention it in your classes at Madison Area Technical College, but the only way party chairperson’s are held accountable is by ELECTION RESULTS.

    Right now Tate’s party holds the Governor’s mansion, two Senate seats, both houses of the legistature, and five of the eight Congressional seats. So until you buddy Rance Prius or whatever his name is wins a few statewide elections it’s he that should be “held accountable” by his own party for wasting their money.

    4) Perhaps since you’re so well connected in Forest County you could provide an actual service to us in Milwaukee and actually do some real reporting and coverage of the County Clerk’s race.

    It might help you build the critical journalism skills and judgement to prevent you from blindly reposting libelous attacks on the Lieutenant Governor you copied off someone else’s blog.

    • Kyle Maichle says:

      Excuse me bystander, you are not going to dictate how I blog or how I cover things. It is a travesty when the media in Wisconsin except Charlie Sykes refuses to report on Mike Tate using racial slurs towards taxpayers during the Milwaukee Tea Party. The thing is man you do not give a damn about ethics of party leaders.

      Like I have said before, I have a core group of friends in Illinois who read my blog and I know people in the Illinois GOP in which I have an equal stake in covering races in both Wisconsin and Illinois. Elections matter, but the purpose of the debate is to present the facts and separate the candidates. All of America is following the Illinois race for Governor because of one thing seeing the state move forward from its corrupt past.

      Also bystander, what is your problem about hard journalism? You are not happy because a conservative blogger like me is exposing Mike Tate, ethics issues in the DPW, and exposing Mike Tate’s party in disarray.

      Add on the fact that the GOP won big in NJ and VA last week the cards are in the GOP’s favor. Next year, Scott Walker is going to win big like Bob McDonnell did in Virginia in convincing fashion.

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