Next issue is on Honest Abe Lincoln on his 200th Birthday

Andy McKenna said that Lincoln had a great economic vision for Illinois and for America.  Lincoln according to McKenna was an innovator for his time.

Dan Proft said that Lincoln’s personal story inspired him.   Proft said his perseverance inspired him.

Jim Ryan said that Lincoln was the best President of his time.  Ryan said that Lincoln was a symbol of strength for a nation in turmoil.

Bob Schillerstrom said that Lincoln was a example of leadership during tough times.  Schillerstrom cited how Lincoln abolished slavery as an example of his time.  Schillerstrom said we need a new Lincoln to destroy the old ways.

Adam Andrzejewski said Honest Abe was what inspired him.  Andrzejewski said the Illinois Republican Party cannot be a patronage party anymore.  Andrzejewski has said the patronage wing needs to marry the reform wing to defeat Chicago.

Bill Brady said Lincoln understood having a clean break from the politics from the past.  Brady also talked about his admiration of Ronald Reagan, a favorite son of Illinois.

Kirk Dillard talked about his wive’s family in which had lineage to Lincoln.  Dillard said: “we need to bring a team of rivals together” and learn from Lincoln’s lesson on race relations.

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