Next round of questions coming up.

We are having more activist submitted questions.

Bob Schillerstrom talked about the need to improve transportation infastructure citing Illinois being the hub of everything from air to rail.  Someone cited IL’s poor bridges.

Adam Andrzejewski is against expanded casino gambling.  Andrzejewski blasted Dillard and Brady for their support for gambling along with his opposition against a Chicago casino.  A woman asked Adam about her opposition to Casino gambling.

Bill Brady talked about stopping faux reform in Illinois.   Brady talked his government reform package including his support for term limits.

Kirk Dillard said that the economy will dominate the 2010 election in Illinois.  Dillard said it was the key for GOP wins in NJ and VA.   Dillard said he would focus on the economy to win.    Dillard said we need to lead by example on Ethics.

Andy McKenna was asked on the Illinois Parental Notification Act.   McKenna slammed the federal judge’s decision to put an injunction on the law.  McKenna said it was a slap in the face to the Legislature that passed the law in 1995.

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