Now we are in the Rapid Fire round on Education

Now we begin the Rapid Fire Round.

The topic is Education.

Kirk Dillard stressed his support for Charter and Choice schools to improve Illinois.

Andy McKenna is for school choice, charter schools, and home schools. McKenna is for vouchers.

Dan Proft slammed candidates for not having a specific plan for action on education.  Proft cited 32% statewide increase in K-12 spending which does not work.   Proft is for universal statewide school choice.  Proft said the money should be attached to the students not the school board.

Jim Ryan talks about equality of opportunity.  However, Ryan is for Charter schools and restructuring funding.  Ryan is for merit pay and vouchers.  Ryan has said that the IL Constitution demands opportunity for all and choice is the anwser.

Bob Schillerstrom slammed Jim Ryan for running around the issue.  Schillerstrom is for competition on a wide scale including home schooling, charter schools meaning an all the above policy.

Adam Andrzejewski cites his four point program.  1. top to bottom transparency on IL’s $22 million school budget and school districts.  2. Defend private schools and promote competition, this means triple $500 income tax credit for private school basis.

Bill Brady is for eliminating the Charter school cap, and for a statewide opt-in voucher program.  Brady said it should be done via referendum if the school board fails.  Brady is for eliminating the Illinois State Board of Education.  Brady says its time to take back our schools

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