Scoring the 2009 Illinois GOP Governor’s debate.

Here is the debate scorecard as I promised, this link talks about the scoring system I will use.  It is a sliding 6-5-4-3 scale with bonus points.

Topic 1-Homeland Security

Jim Ryan, Bill Brady, Dan Proft, Kirk Dillard, Adam Andrzjewski, and Bob Schillerstrom all had very good answers to start a healthy exchange on the topic.  Each candidate provided a solution to helping keep Illinois safe.  From Jim Ryan talking about his experiences as Illinois Attorney General to pass one of the first anti-terror bills in the nation, to Kirk Dillard talking about his experiences handling crisis in the Edgar Administration the two veteran candidates spoke well.  Schillerstrom, Andrzjewski, and Proft talked about new solutions they would bring in solving homeland security issues.  Schillerstrom sold voters well on emergency preparedness to Andrzjewski wanting to have e-verify at the state level.  These six candidates get five points.  Andy McKenna made an effort to talk on the subject, but came out very flat on the topic and did not provide a solution.  McKenna gets 4 points on the first topic.


Bill Brady 5

Adam Andrzjewski 5

Dan Proft 5

Kirk Dillard 5

Jim Edgar 5

Bob Schillerstrom 5
Andy McKenna 4

Topic 2-The Bogus Stimulus

The second topic of the debate talked about the Stimulus and job creation.  The candidate who hit a big home run was Bob Schillerstrom.  Bob Schillerstrom talked about his credentials that he has already proven to create jobs for DuPage County while the rest of Illinois has lagged behind.  Schillerstrom earns a 6 for his outstanding answer.    Bill Brady, Adam Andrzjewski, and Dan Proft had great responses too.  From Bill Brady’s plan to have a $2,000 per job tax credit, to Adam Andrzjewski wanting to reform workers compensation and tort reform.  Brady and Andrzjewski had some good plans.  They would earn a five, but the two candidates get a bonus point for a quality response.  Dan Proft also had a good response citing Indiana having inflation-population growth caps as a key towards Indiana being a job creation hub.  Proft would propose this if elected Governor.  Proft too earns five points plus a bonus point.  Jim Ryan and Kirk Dillard came out flat on this question.  Dillard talks about “Destination Economy” but Dillard failed to sell voters on the specifics of his plan.  Jim Ryan circulated around the question barely giving voters a specific plan.  Andy McKenna had no specific plan talking about how to create jobs.  McKenna’s bad response does not earn him any points while Dillard and Ryan only earn 4 points.


Bill Brady 11

Adam Andrzjewski 11

Dan Proft 11

Bob Schillerstrom 11

Kirk Dillard 9

Jim Ryan 9
Andy McKenna 4

Topic 3-The Illinois Budget

A hot topic in Illinois is the budget problems that have plagued the Prairie State during the Blagojevich Administration.    During this round of the debate, virtually every candidate presented a different solution in solving the budget problems for Illinois.

For the second straight topic, Bob Schillerstrom led the way on the Illinois budget.  Schillerstrom is for zero based budgeting.  Schillerstrom has put it to work in DuPage County when he was County Executive  and proven it.  Schillerstrom scores another six points for a quality response.   Adam Andrzejewski earns 6 points for pointing out that Illinois needs forensic auditing to reform Illinois books.  Andrezejewski  also earns a bonus point for slamming the current transparency bill signed into law and would demand more reforms including mandating all local government units have their checkbooks open to the public.  That is a pretty good clean attack by the underdog candidate showing how he can lead Illinois and why he earns a bonus point.  Bill Brady earns a 6 for discussing in a substantive manner how he would reform certain departments of Illinois Government that are a strain to state government including Medicaid and the Department of Corrections.  Brady cited overtime costs strain the budget.  Dan Proft concurred with Mr. Andrezejewski  for support of forensic auditing citing that Illinois counts debt as revenue.  However, Proft wasted an opportunity to show how he could lead on the  budget.  For that effort Proft earns five points.  Kirk Dillard earned a quality five point response.  Dillard talked about restructuring the pension system and medicaid as his top two things to fix the budget.  Dillard earns a bonus point for a clean attack by slamming Blago’s free transit rides for 65 and older and said that the waste caused by Blago could of have went to needy college students who are struggling.  Andy McKenna made an effort in this round to talk about how he could lead Illinois on the budget.  McKenna said he would make the hard budget cuts.  McKenna said he would advocate for the Illinois Sunshine Act and reforming Medicaid to fix the budget.  McKenna comes up this time with 5 points for his effort.  Jim Ryan however was very flat on this question.  Ryan failed to come up with a solution of his own to solving the Illinois budget problem.  For this round Ryan will not earn any points.


Adam Andrzjewski 18

Bob Schillerstrom 17

Bill Brady 17

Dan Proft 16

Kirk Dillard 15

Jim Ryan 9

Andy McKenna 9

Topic 4-ObamaCare

In this topic, the issue of Health Care brought some interesting responses.  When asked about Illinois and their stake on the health care vote the response differed by candidate.  Adam Andrzejewski hit a home-run in this round citing that Illinois has a big stake in the vote.  Mr. Andrzejewski scored big points by not just saying he would sue Barack Obama if ObamaCare passes but pass a four point plan for real health care reform including tort reform, price transparency, posting doctor’s scorecards, and eliminate the Illinois Health Facilities Board which rations health care facilities.  For this, Andrzejewski earns six points plus an extra bonus point.  Bob Schillerstrom earned a quality six point response for how he would deliver real health care reform.  Schillerstrom talked about improving primary care in Illinois and not warehousing the developmentally disabled in Illinois by moving towards group homes and not institutionalized settings.  Schillerstrom would sue Obama if ObamaCare passes.  Bill Brady talked about passing tort reform in Illinois and reforming the worker’s compensation laws to reform health care.  Brady like Schillerstrom and Andrzejewski would issue a 10th Amendment challenge to sue Barack Obama if ObamaCare passes.  Brady for that effort earns a quality six points.  Dan Proft talked on invoking the tenth amendment on ObamaCare but did not have much of a plan in which he earns just four points.  Andy McKenna, Kirk Dillard, and Jim Ryan failed to make an attempt during the debate to justify their role in improving health care in the State of Illinois.  Dillard may have stopped Obama on ObamaCare in the Illinois Senate, but he wasted a big opportunity during the debate last night to prove he is the leading GOP voice on health care.


Adam Andrzjewski 25

Bob Schillerstrom 23

Bill Brady 23

Dan Proft 2o

Kirk Dillard 15

Jim Ryan 9

Andy McKenna 9

Topic 5-Education (Rapid Fire Round)

During the debate, education was the topic during the rapid fire round in round five.  In this round, Adam Andrzejewski hit a big home run along with Bob Schillerstrom and Dan Proft.  In the time he was allotted , Andrzejewski made clear of his four point plan to solve education problems in the Prairie State.   This includes an executive order to demand transparency for all school districts in Illinois, having a $500 tax credit for private school tuition, promoting choice and competition, and eliminating the Illinois State Board of Education.   For this round, Adam gets six points plus a bonus point.  Bob Schillerstrom earns six points and a bonus point for pointing out his plan for education well and for a clean attack of Jim Ryan.  Schillerstrom slammed Ryan for running around the issue while promoting an all of the above education plan meaning choice, charter, home school, and private schools for all.   Dan Proft, also earns six points and a two bonus points for well articulating his universal school choice plan and for a clean attack towards Jim Ryan and Kirk Dillard.  Bill Brady got six points for well describing a school choice “opt-in” program at the state level.  Brady’s plan would be different as it would go to the voters via referendum to approve vouchers for a certain district.  Kirk Dillard, Andy McKenna, and Jim Ryan did not offer a solution and basically talked around the subject in which they would not earn points in this round.


Adam Andrzjewski 32

Bob Schillerstrom 30

Bill Brady 29

Dan Proft 28

Kirk Dillard 15

Jim Ryan 9

Andy McKenna 9

Topic 6-Abe Lincoln

This round was more of a personal insight on a great character.  The candidates all talked on how Abe Lincoln meant to themselves and their families.  The responses were all good so they all earn six points.


Adam Andrzjewski 38

Bob Schillerstrom 36

Bill Brady 35

Dan Proft 34

Kirk Dillard 21

Jim Ryan 15

Andy McKenna 15

Topic 7-Activist submitted questions

The debate got a little interesting as there were activist submitted questions as each candidate was asked a question on a different topic.   During this round, Andy McKenna gained some steam by producing some well rounded responses on Parental Notification and high speed rail.  For that effort he gets five points.  Bob Schillerstrom did not let up with his momentum during the debate as he articulated again the need to end the warehousing of the developmentally disabled in Illinois and pushing for smart transportation investments without breaking the Illinois State Budget.  Schillerstrom earns six points plus two bonus points for two well responded Rapid Fire responses.   Adam Andrzjewski earns six points plus two bonus points for denouncing his support towards expanded casino gambling in Illinois and for clean attacks on Bill Brady and Kirk Dillard for their support of expanded casino gambling.  Bill Brady earns six points for how he would reform the Illinois Property Tax Cap Act of 2006 to cut down on the number of levy elections in Illinois school districts.  Dan Proft earned five points for his responses as he could of have done a little better on addressing how to keep Illinois college graduates in Illinois.  Kirk Dillard earned six points for how to re-brand Illinois tourism for one of his few good responses on the night.  Jim Ryan barely talked anything on his pension reform plan so he does not earn any points.


Adam Andrzjewski 46

Bob Schillerstrom 44

Bill Brady 41

Dan Proft 39

Kirk Dillard 27

Andy McKenna 21

Jim Ryan 15

Topic 8-Closing Statements

In the final round, the closing statements were a chance for the candidate to close the sale.  The candidates that closed the sale were Adam Andrzjewski, Bob Schillerstrom, Dan Proft, and Bill Brady.  Andrzjewski and Schillerstrom made the case in the best way possible in which they would be the best person to be the GOP’s nominee but to be the next Governor of Illinois.  Schillerstrom gets two bonus points for well describing his background during the closing statement and overall during the debate.  Both talked about leadership with Andrzjewski’s demands to lead to Reagan Revolution to Bob Schillerstrom who touted his credentials as DuPage County Executive.  For these closing statements they get six points.  Bill Brady and Dan Proft talked about Virginia and New Jersey.  However, Proft talks about turning Springfield upside down while Brady touted his small business experience.  They both get five points for quality closing statements.  Kirk Dillard, Jim Ryan, and Andy McKenna failed to close the sale during the closing statements in which they will not earn any points.


Adam Andrzjewski 52

Bob Schillerstrom 52

Bill Brady 46

Dan Proft 44

Kirk Dillard 27

Andy McKenna 21

Jim Ryan 15

The result is the debate ended in a tie between Adam Andrzejewski and Bob Schillerstrom.  They both proven tonight they are ready to lead Illinois.  Dan Proft and Bill Brady had a good performance, but both had their small amount of flaws during the debate.  Andy McKenna debated flat while Kirk Dillard and Jim Ryan failed to sell their past experiences to become the GOP nominee for governor.

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One Response to Scoring the 2009 Illinois GOP Governor’s debate.

  1. InTheKnow says:

    From above commentary:

    “Adam Andrzjewski earns six points plus two bonus points for denouncing his support towards expanded casino gambling in Illinois and for clean attacks on Bill Brady and Kirk Dillard for their support of expanded casino gambling.”

    Adam has continued to falsely attack Brady on expanded gaming. He shouldn’t be getting any props for it. Brady has been a staunch opponent of expanded gaming his entire career with NO exception.

    Adam is either lax in his research or is knowingly just making it up. Neither option is an attractive attribute for a guy that wants to be Governor of Illinois. Just setting the record straight.

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