The bogus stimulus in Chicago is the next topic .

Bill Brady is for making all dollars owed and what they are owed for made public.  Brady is for absolute transparency in contracting.  Brady is also calling for term limits and real campaign contribution limits like the $2,300 style fed limits.

Kirk Dillard is for increased local government transparency for local government contracts.  Dillard is for stemming out Medicaid fraud, but stressed cooperation between the state and the feds.

Andy McKenna is for demanding results on the stimulus.   McKenna during a teleforum last night in which a small business said: “wheres the accountablity?”

Dan Proft said that the stimulus is bogus and doesn’t create jobs.  Proft has said he would re-structure government systems including the CTA and the Chicago Public Schools in which basically they suck money out of Downstate IL.

Jim Ryan reminded that there is a responsibility to spend the money wisely.  Ryan talked about his experiences as a AG on combating Medicare fraud.  Ryan is for an efficiency panel on all Government spending in IL to cut the fat.   Ryan said : “we need someone to ruffle the feathers in Springfield”.

Bob Schillerstrom disagreed with Ryan and slammed Ryan for not being fully embraced on transparency.  Mr. Schillerstrom has cited DuPage County’s transparency initiatives on how he could solve the problem.

Adam Andrzejewski has said that leadership not summits will stop Mayor Daley in Chicago.  The candidate slammed the other candidates for how they approached transparency especially Brady and Dillard.

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