The next topic is about jobs as 50 IL Counties have unemployment over 10%

Jim Ryan talked about not raising taxes as up to 50 Illinois counties have unemployment over ten percent.  Ryan said that the higher business taxes is a reason for killed jobs and high workers compensation rates.

Bob Schillerstrom has said Illinois Democrats have made business a bad word.   Schillerstrom talked about his three kids looking for a job.  Schillerstrom, has said it is important to keep businesses welcome and put the cost of gov’t down.  Mr. Schillerstrom talked about 60,000 jobs grown in DuPage County.

Adam Andrzejewski has said the Illinois EDGE program has done nothing.  The candidate has said that the lack of tort reform and unions are a big reason why business costs are going up in Illinois.  Andrzejewski has said the workers comp laws need reform.

Bill Brady who is a business owner and Senator has talked about a jobs package including $1 billion dollar tax cuts ending estate taxes and double taxation.    Brady is for a $2100 a job tax credit to hire more people.

Kirk Dillard is for making Illinois a destination economy.   Dillard has based his campaign on this.  Dillard had said he would review every tax and fee in Illinois.  Dillard has cited a 10 percent unemployment rate for Illinois.

Andy McKenna talked about helping young entrepreneurs in Illinois as his job creation credentials.

Dan Proft blasts other candidates and talks about controlling taxes and spending.  Proft is for 50 percent cuts in corporate and estate taxes.  Proft is for inflation-population growth spending caps.  Proft cited the success under Governor Daniels of Indiana.

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2 Responses to The next topic is about jobs as 50 IL Counties have unemployment over 10%

  1. Chuck Berry says:

    Andy McKenna. He is the establishment candidate. We would like to see a blog post on your assessment of what Andy’s performance was tonight. Was it poor, gubernatorial or Kirk-like.

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