The post-debate reaction.

I just got out of the Green room and here are snippets from the post-debate reaction with whoever I had a chance to ask questions with:

“I am proud of the candidates having a substantive, healthy debate.  Here to you are the Governors of Illinois.” -IRP Chairman Pat Brady.

“When looking at my leadership for DuPage County, I have set priorities during my tenure as County Executive and the 2010 budget for the county will be at 2003 level.”-Bob Schillerstrom on DuPage County’s AAA bond rating while as county executive.

“I am better than someone who was an Attorney General or a staffer because I have had experience governing a unit of Government.”-Bob Schillerstrom on why he is better fit to lead than Jim Ryan or Kirk Dillard.

“My term limits plan is better because mine will ask the people to put the issue of term limits through a 300,000 signature petition instead of having Michael Madigan hold the fate of a resolution calling for a ballot question on term limits.”-Adam Andrzejewski on term limits and why his plan is better than Bill Brady’s

“I do not know what Adam’s plan is on term limits, so I can’t respond to the differences between my plan and his plan.”-Bill Brady, Illinois State Senator on defending his term limits plan.

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