What is Illinois stake on health care as the next topic.

Adam Andrzejewski talked about that Illinois has a big stake in Saturday’s health care vote.  Andrzejewski is for price transparency, posting doctor’s scorecards, eliminate Illinois Health Facilities Board which has rationed the current amount of health care facilities in Illinois.

Bill Brady would sue Barack Obama claiming that ObamaCare and PelosiCare violates the Tenth Amendment of the Constitution of the United States.  Brady is for Workers Comp and Tort Reform to control health care costs too.

Kirk Dillard fought Obama when he was a state Senator to defeat Illinois-version of ObamaCare.

Andy McKenna has said that Blago’s expanded Medicaid has done nothing to get the uninsured to get insurance.   McKenna cites high health care costs.

Dan Proft is for suing the President if elected if ObamaCare passes invoking the Tenth Amendment clause. Proft is for making medicaid independent of the federal government in Illinois by seeking independence waivers.

Jim Ryan would be reluctant to sue Barack Obama, but said he would reform Medicaid which has costed Illinois a lot of money.  Ryan has said controlling Medicaid is part of getting Illinois over its budget problems.

Bob Schillerstrom is for opting out of ObamaCare and would reform Medicaid.  Schillerstrom is for increasing primary care in Illinois and helping the developmentally disabled to solve health care in Illinois.

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