The health care vote on Saturday Night proved who listened to people in August and who ignored.

Yesterday was like no other Saturday.  It was flipping the channels between C-SPAN and college football.  Despite the Badgers won on Saturday, the people of Wisconsin on Saturday knew who in Congress listened to them in August and to those who ignored them.

First and foremost, kudos to three Wisconsin people in Congress who listened to the people and voted against the bill.  That is Paul Ryan, Jim Sensenbrenner, and Tom Petri who stood on principle to vote against HR 3962.  However, as a native of the Wisconsin-8 congressional district, I am very outraged over Congressman Kagen’s vote for the health care reform bill.  Congressman Kagen slapped his constituents in the face who came in droves to listening sessions to voice their opposition to the bill as an action of his yes vote.

Also, Dave Obey is a serious disgrace to the people of Wisconsin by refusing to hold face to face listening sessions with constituents in August on the issue of health care and to vote for the bill.  Ron Kind also voted against the interests of his people too.  The votes of Kagen, Kind, and Obey have shown that they have become unresponsive and unaccountable to their constituents.  There are strong GOP candidates in Wisconsin including Sean Duffy in WI-7 and Dan Kapanke in WI-3.   Despite it is yet to be know who will be the party’s nominee in WI-8, the GOP has a strong shot to win next year in these districts.

When I was on the road with Americans for Prosperity-Wisconsin for the health care town hall series with John Stossel this summer, there were packed crowds everywhere in Madison, LaCrosse, and Wausau.  AFP held the town halls for the people of these districts because Tammy Baldwin, Dave Obey, and Ron Kind meddled around with the people’s business by trying to duck and in some cases refuse to hold nose to nose listening sessions.

Also to the 30 plus Democrats across the nation who stood up to Nancy Pelosi, thank you for listening to your constituents and putting principle over ideology.   Despite the battle is not over, people in Wisconsin need to pour the heat on Senators Kohl and Feingold to Vote NO on the bill.    Despite the Senate does not have 60 votes, people need to call their senators to make sure it still stays this way.

Lastly, shame on Joseph Cao of Louisiana-2 for voting for the health care bill as the only Republican.  Cao should not call himself a Republican for voting for the bill and should be booted out of the party no questions asked.  If there was one thing of the vote, real people made it hard for Nancy Pelosi to squeak by last night.  This was the same with the Cap and Trade bill.  Cap and Trade got killed in the Senate this year and the health care bill will be given a slow death in the Senate.  As long as Joe Lieberman threatens to filibuster, there is a fighting chance it will be stopped.

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