The stats proved why Virginia and New Jersey were convincing wins for the GOP

There have been liberals attempting to dismiss how big the Virginia and New Jersey Governor election victories for the GOP were.



Bob McDonnell (R-VA)

Bob McDonnell according to the Virginia Board of Elections earned the most votes ever of any winning Governor candidate in the history of the Commonwealth.  Also, McDonnell’s 18 point victory was the largest margin of victory since the 1961 Governor’s election.

New Jersey

Chris Christie’s four point win according to the

Chris Christie

Chris Christie (R-NJ)

New Jersey Elections Division was the largest margin of victory for a GOP candidate since 1969 when William Cahill was elected Governor.  The last two Republican Governor’s to win in New Jersey which were Christie Todd Whitman in 1993 and Thomas Kean in 1981 won their first elections by razor thin margins.

Those states proven in their wins on Tuesday, its the economy stupid.

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