Brady v. Dillard the real primary battle of the Illinois GOP Primary

Bill Brady (R-IL)

Bill Brady (R-IL)

After last Thursday’s debate, the debate has given Illinois Republican some answers on who is the right person to lead their State’s Republican party and who could be the next Governor of Illinois.  Bob Schillerstrom and Adam Andrzejewski who may have been the top two candidates in the debate but have serious intangibles working against them.  First, Adam Andrzejewski has two big issues that could thwart his candidacy which is his fundraising and how many votes can he steal from Bill Brady in downstate Illinois.  For Bob Schillerstrom the word to sources close to the North Shore Exponent has dealt with a poorly executed and lackluster campaign.  Despite Schillerstrom has talked about his job creating credentials for DuPage County during the debates, his moderate stances on social issues have turned off conservative voters.

The general sentiment to be found in Illinois is that the race for the GOP nomination is coming down to conservative Bill Brady and liberal Republican State Senator and Obama sympathizer Kirk Dillard.  Bill Brady is different because he comes from Downstate Illinois and has been effective in selling himself as the anti-Chicago candidate.  Kirk Dillard for many is a favorite of the establishment in the Republican Party.  However, the growing anti-Chicago sentiment may go against Kirk Dillard’s favor.  During the debate last Thursday in Chicago, Mr. Dillard did not provide substance on his economic plans for Illinois.  Dillard may talk all he wants about his “destination economy” plan for Illinois, but the thing is that he failed to present prospective voters with the specifics of his plan.   Also, Dillard’s website does not list how he would detail his “destination economy” plan.

Bill Brady despite he could of done a better job of presenting some facts in the debate at least talked about his plans up


Kirk Dillard (R-IL)

front with prospective GOP voters on creating jobs.  This meant he would preserve the Illinois flat tax protected by the state’s constitution while providing a $2,000 per job tax credit for new every new job created, rolling back business taxes passed on by the Blagojevich administration, reforming the state’s workers compensation laws, pass tort reform, and eliminating the state’s gas tax.

There have been some top political analysts in Chicago giving Bill Brady a fighting chance while some in the Chicago Tribune praise him for being an Obama sympathizer. The cards right now may work in Brady’s favor as he is from Downstate Illinois and he can bank on a huge conservative vote in Downstate Illinois along with winning votes in conservative DuPage County.  Also, Brady has been making a more aggressive effort to reach voters in Chicago who are independent and Democrat. This effort could propel Brady to the top because he has made contact with these voters that could swing the general election for Governor in Illinois in his favor.   As the next three months will determine who will win the nomination for Republican Governor in Illinois the top two candidates could down to a battle between a Downstate conservative versus a Obama sympathizer.

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