North Shore Exponent awarded best blog coverage of the 2009 Americans for Prosperity National Defending the American Dream Summit

Defending the Dream Just today, I have been named by the Americans for Prosperity-Foundation as the Best Blogger of the 2009 National the Defending American Dream Summit which was held on October 2nd to the 3rd in Arlington, Virginia.

I am very honored to be given this award from the Americans for Prosperity-Foundation.  Americans for Prosperity has not just made an impact through its grass roots activism but it has made a serious impact in activating the online community on right through its RightOnline program.  Erik Telford, a good friend of mine has done a great job through his leadership of the RightOnline program in closing the gap on technology in the free market movement.  I have been at all three national  Defending the American Dream Summits, the two Wisconsin Defending the American Dream Summits, and both National RightOnline conferences.  From being at these events, more people every year are embracing the AFP voice more because they are sick of bloated governments, higher taxes, and seeing freedom under attack.  More people are joining Americans for Prosperity because they want to join an organization that will defend these values and preserve the American way of life for all of us.

As I accept this award, I will continue to use my blog to advocate for the free market values that Wisconsin and America needs to get our nation back on the right track, and to continue to advance on the improvements the right has made online through blogs and social networking.  Through covering events like RightOnline 2009 and the Defending the American Dream Summit it allows bloggers like me to advocate for a better nation and a better quality of life.

Lastly, I want also extend a special thanks to AFP-Wisconsin State Director Mark Block for helping advocate for a stronger center-right online community in Wisconsin.  Through his efforts working with Erik Telford, and with the massive turnout for AFP events in Wisconsin this year, and increased membership shows that the AFP voice is a voice to be reckoned with in Wisconsin.

Thank you Americans for Prosperity, God Bless Wisconsin, and God Bless America.

Kyle Maichle

The North Shore Exponent

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3 Responses to North Shore Exponent awarded best blog coverage of the 2009 Americans for Prosperity National Defending the American Dream Summit

  1. grumps says:

    Congratulations Kyle. Your writing is like the untrammeled swoop of some gigantic bird whistling through the halls of Freedom. God Bless Mark Block for supporting you and showing America just what far right conservative bloggers have to offer. God Bless the far right bloggers of Wisconsin for suckling you at their teats of wisdom and succoring you with their copious anachronisms. Through the efforts of bloggers like you we expect the conservatives to assume their rightful places in the corridors of power.

  2. Zach W. says:

    Wow, it’s like an Oscars acceptance speech!

  3. John Foust says:

    God Bless Blogging! I feel I should be paying for it. If something’s given away, it doesn’t really have any value, does it? Free stuff just doesn’t feel free-market-y to me.

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