Wisconsin Senate Democrats Job Proposal is an attempt to hide the failed federal stimulus bill’s impact for Wisconsin

Just a couple days removed after unemployment in our nation has reached over ten percent and the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel exposing the failures of the federal stimulus bill, the Democrats in the Wisconsin State Senate introduce a C.O.R.E. jobs proposal. This proposal is nothing but a smoke screen for a failed stimulus package that has continued to put Wisconsin on the wrong track.

The package can be laughed at because it makes so much promises on the tax credits it provides to these businesses, but skirts around the real reality of why jobs are leaving the  state and that is our high tax climate.  No amount of money the Senate Democrats throw at the bill will do anything to reverse the jobs that were killed by the increases in the income, corporate combined reporting, and  excise taxes earlier this year.

If we want to get serious on bringing back jobs to Wisconsin it starts with getting our tax and regulatory climate back in order.  Manufacturing is a key to our state’s economy and Scott Walker  has a plan to make manufacturing exempt from corporate taxes in Wisconsin to send the first dramatic message to job creators that Wisconsin is open for business. Second step is to eliminate combined reporting.  By eliminating this unnecessary burden along with reducing the overall corporate tax rate to be with the top twenty states in America are reasons to get the economy back in order.  Also, another issue Wisconsin must tackle is our income tax system.  Our income tax system is one of the worst in the Midwest and the entire nation.  It is immoral that the middle class in Wisconsin gets taxed double than the flat tax states of Illinois, Indiana, and Michigan.   If we want to give a real stimulus to our workers, Wisconsin should move to being a flat tax state like Illinois, Indiana, and Michigan.  If Wisconsin becomes a flat tax state along with the Scott Walker backed plan to make manufacturing exempt from corporate taxation this could make the Badger State the nation’s economic leader.

Also, the C.O.R.E. proposal has something called a one-stop regulatory shop to help businesses.  This is a joke, how about reducing the number of economic regulatory and development agencies in Wisconsin to speed up job creation.  Governor-elect Bob McDonnell of Virginia said: “there are three systemic cancers to prosperity and job growth and that is too much taxation, litigation, and regulation.”   The one stop shop is nothing but a joke and understatement.  How about reducing layers of government to help speed up jobs and do it like Bob McDonnell proposed with his Governor campaign in Virginia that anyone in Wisconsin can start a business in little as 48 hours.

However, the State Senate Democrats that want to sugarcoat their C.O.R.E. jobs package  fail to see the reality of the matter is that the higher taxes passed this year have already killed jobs.  How about Thomas Products in Sheboygan moving to Louisiana, or Briggs and Stratton moving to Alabama and Georgia, or Kohl’s moving a distribution center to Illinois as the evidence of their failed economic policies.   Until they know how many private sector jobs their tax  policies have killed, Wisconsin Democrats cannot be trusted to handle job creation and with a failed stimulus in action.   It is just a matter of time when voters in Wisconsin will render the same verdict next year to Democrats like they did in New Jersey and Virginia.

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