Career Politician Mark Neumann off-base with his attack towards Scott Walker.

Mark Neumann

Mark Neumann

Just today, Mark Neumann has proven how desperate his campaign is now as he tries to launch a publicity stunt to ask for a statewide town hall debate series  between himself and Scott Walker. Neumann takes it further by making this an online petition drive.   This is a common tactic used in both parties if someone is struggling in the primary and fighting to tread water for their political futures.

Mark Neumann’s tactic is nothing but a publicity stunt for his failing campaign for Governor while Scott Walker has been everywhere in Wisconsin talking to the voters of the state on the grassroots level.   Maybe Neumann is desperate because he may have found out that the Republican Governor’s Association led by Mississippi Governor Hailey Barbour has had a more favorable impression on Scott Walker over himself. This was noted during a campaign conference call last Wednesday when Scott Walker got two mentions while Mr. Neumann had zero mentions.

Scott Walker

Scott Walker

Scott Walker has won straw poll after straw poll by convincing margins especially in Kenosha County which is Neumann Country by a big 74-25 margin.  Neumann is wrong about Scott Walker labeling him as a career politician.  Walker has had private sector experience before being first elected to the State Assembly. Walker is a true public servant to the people of Wisconsin.

If there is one thing about Neumann’s latest publicity grab this sort of reminds me in last year’s Wisconsin Democratic Presidential Primary in which Hillary Clinton was desperate to get a debate against Barack Obama.   As petitions have short shelf life, Republicans in Wisconsin will disregard this publicity grab and continue to side with Scott Walker for a Wisconsin we can all believe in.

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15 Responses to Career Politician Mark Neumann off-base with his attack towards Scott Walker.

  1. grumps says:

    No really. Is this some kind of a joke site? What language are you writing in?

    Read your stuff out loud befre you hit send. It may give you a feel for how bad it sounds. It might be better if you read it to someone else as well.

  2. Kyle Maichle says:

    It ain’t no joke, Mark Neumann is a desperate candidate because his campaign does not have the grassroots strength like Scott Walker’s campaign for Governor. Mark Neumann is a career politician for the four years he spent in Congress working with the party’s RINO establishment. These are facts man while you may be just baffled that this could be your Republican pick in a hypothetical match-up for governor struggling against Scott Walker.

    I did look over the post before posting if you were asking.

    It ain’t no joke website here especially with me being named best blogger of the 2009 Americans for Prosperity National Defending the American Dream Summit. I competed with over 150 different blogs across the nation to win the award.

  3. Zach W. says:

    Kyle, I’m curious about something.

    How can you call Mark Neumann a “career politician” with a straight face? I ask because in case you haven’t noticed, Scott Walker’s resume is a little thin when it comes to private-sector experience. In fact, if memory serves me, Walker has been a politician virtually his ENTIRE adult life.

    • Kyle Maichle says:

      Walker has had six years of private sector experience. 16 years experience has been as a public servant.

      The reason why Neumann is a career politician because he has spent four years with the party establishment against conservative values.

    • grumps says:

      So, Kyle, I want to get this clear. 4 years makes one a career politician but 16 years makes one a public servant. Is there some kind of scale that you use to make these distinctions?

      We have a name for guys with 6 years of private sector experience in the real world. We call them, “The new kid.”

      • Kyle Maichle says:

        When someone claims they come from the private sector, but governs in the mode of liberal establishment Republicans of Jim Jeffords and Bob Livingston during their tenure in Congress that qualifies them as a career politician.

        Also, add on the fact that Mark Neumann spent 8 years making a career of trying to be a career politician. For that effort, he can be called that too.

      • folkbum says:

        Kyle, I’m not sure you know this, but “career” and “politician” are words that have actual definitions, and when you put them together, they make a phrase that itself has an accepted definition. You can’t just decide that words mean whatever you want them to.

        I am no Neumann fan, believe me, but Neumann started his own private-sector business–which still operates–while Scott Walker was still in short pants and long before you were even born. He started his political career at the same time Walker did–in fact, Walker was first elected (and has drawn a politician’s paycheck) two years before Neumann was, and Neumann spent only four years in office while Walker has been campaigning perpetually since.

        Please, try to find reality and get acquainted with it. No number of awards from anyone will make up for the fact that you’re delusional.

  4. capper says:

    If Walker was such a leader, why did he sick his campaign chair’s personal attack dog on me, a little old blogger?

  5. blogger1 says:

    i think somehow it is mike tate’s fault

  6. John Foust says:

    Parody web sites are usually much funnier than this.

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