MacIver Institute delivers a hard check into the boards to Institute for Wisconsin’s future in their role of slamming the Tax Foundation

MacIver The MacIver Institute gets kudos for slamming the Insitute for Wisconsin’s Future with a hard political body check into the boards for their sham analysis of the Tax Foundation’s prescription to get Wisconsin’s economy back on track.

The extreme-left wing special interest organization that advocates for higher job killing taxes in Wisconsin got schooled by the Tax Foundation and the MacIver Institute for their gross misunderstatement of slamming the Tax Foundation for rating Wisconsin as one of the worst small business climates in the nation. Despite the organization calls the report a “poison pill” for Wisconsin, the only poison pill for Wisconsin is the higher job killing taxes they stand for and for their lies towards the organization aimed at telling the truth to the people of Wisconsin on the issue.

Karl Padigtt of the Tax Foundation said: “IWF falsely claims that our tax climate index suggests budget cuts to education, transportation and health care. The Index makes no recommendations on spending, just taxes. A state can raise its collections and at the same time improve its Index score.”  Padgitt also said: “IWF favors a tax system that micromanages the economy with special interest handouts in the form of business tax credits, deductions and exemptions, plus gimmicky tax breaks posing as aid to the poor, all provisions that are punished in our Index because they violate the principles of tax neutrality and transparency…The Institute for Wisconsin’s Future seems to be instead push for a policy of tax complexity, opacity, bias, and volatility. ”

Also, the Tax Foundation and the MacIver Institute slammed the IWF for rewarding the lack of transparency that is evident in Wisconsin state government as other states like Illinois, Minnesota, and Missouri have taken leadership on the issue of government transparency.  The Tax Foundation has said that the business tax climate should be based on the principles of sound tax policy, simplicity, transparency, neutrality, and stability.  Wisconsin’s image on government transparency has taken a hit with a secret state budget being passed in Joint Finance with no transparency.   If the IWF could hold the Democrats accountable for the lack of transparency in state government then we can work towards rebuilding the image of state government.

The MacIver Institute in its short time has made a big impact to Wisconsin politics this year and in now and the years ahead they will be the worst nightmare of progressive-left special interest groups in Wisconsin who engage in immoral class warfare.  The IWF is an example of elitist progressive groups who engage in policies that divide the people of Wisconsin.  This example of MacIver and the Tax Foundation slamming the IWF is a statement accomplishment for the upstart think tank.  At a time when Wisconsin needs jobs, we cannot afford the higher taxes and garbage the IWF perpetuates.

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