Remembering Melodie Wilson as a true advocate for hard journalisim.

The North Shore Exponent is saddened by the news of former WTMJ-TV 4 and WITI-TV 6 news reporter Melodie Wilson  as she lost her long battle with breast cancer.   As many people are growing tired of the lack of hard news and investigative reporting in the mainstream media today, Wilson was a true advocate for hard journalisim in her work as a news anchor for WTMJ-TV and WITI-TV.

During her time as a reporter, Wilson used her position to expose the issues that had to be exposed in Milwaukee and throughout Wisconsin.  Wilson was noted for tackling hard news assignments that seemed to many in the mainstream that are controversial from busing in the Milwaukee School District to political issues in the City of Milwaukee.  Scott Walker the Milwaukee County Executive called Melodie Wilson: “the most fair and decent journalist I worked with and such a wonderful advocate in the community. Our lives are better for having been touched by her.”

As investigative reporting in the mainstream media is being decimated by the economy, it is the bar that Wilson has set for new investigative reporting organizations like the MacIver Institute to continue to deliver the need for hard news in Wisconsin and America.  It will be the bar that Wilson has set for the MacIver Institute and the Franklin Center for Government and Public Integrity to advocate for the quality of life Wisconsin has been known for.

Our thoughts and prayers go to Wilson’s family, her friends, and former colleagues who are being affected by her passing.

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