Who wins the Governor’s elections in Wisconsin and Illinois may make the difference if they become conceal-carry states and close the gap

Scott Walker (R-WI)

Scott Walker (R-WI)

Despite people in Wisconsin and Illinois have many differences between Badgers and Fighting Illini, Brewers and Cubs, and Packers and Bears there is one thing they both share in common:  being the last two states that bans their citizens from having conceal-carry of weapons.

The elections for Governor in these states could set the path depending on who is elected in closing the gap in which all 50 states in America would have conceal-carry.  In Illinois, GOP governor candidate Bill Brady said during a debate held at the Chicago Hilton on Thursday that he would eliminate the ban on conceal carry of weapons in Illinois if electedBrady stated that: “in the case of what happened in Texas (Fort Hood) and the shooting at Northern Illinois University that allowing people to have concealed carry weapons can help them in case of an attack.”    Across the border in Wisconsin which has banned conceal carry, Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker who is running for Governor as a Republican adamantly supports conceal carry in the State of Wisconsin.  The blog ScottforGov.com was able to score an exclusive interview with the candidate and asked Mr. Walker on the issue of conceal carry after Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett got attacked at State Fair Park in West Allis this Summer. Walker said to ScottforGov.com: “I support concealed carry legislation and I will sign it as Governor. It’s interesting to note that in my first re-election campaign as County Executive my opponent even ran ads critical of my support for the 2nd Amendment and concealed carry.”

Bill Brady (R-IL)

Bill Brady (R-IL)

You can expect the NRA and pro-gun rights groups to be an unknown factor in these two states.  Despite the major parties and their connected organizations throwing money in Wisconsin and Illinois, the NRA will be the X-factor in this race.  It is their involvement standing up for gun owners in which they have the environment in their favor to finally make Wisconsin and Illinois legal conceal carry states.

Despite people in Kenosha and Gurnee may squabble every football season between Packers and Bears and Badgers and Fighting Illini, at least this is one thing people in Wisconsin and Illinois can get together on.  It is time Republicans and gun owners in these two states unite to elect officials that will protect the Second Amendment and give the people the right to defend themselves.  Banning conceal carry of weapons is wrong and immoral when people are dealt with high crime rates and lack the means to protect themselves.  Study after study has shown that states with conceal carry have lower crime rates.  When people are fearful of the future, lets empower them to protect themselves as the first step.

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