Kudos to Rich Zipperer for asking “where are the stimulus jobs in Wisconsin?”

Rich Zipperer

State Rep. Rich Zipperer (R-98th District)

Today, State Rep. Rich Zipperer (R-Pewaukee 98th District) should be commended for demanding a hearing on where are all the stimulus jobs were promised to the Badger State.

JSOnline reported this morning that Rep. Zipperer is demanding Chairman Louis Molepske Jr. of the Assembly Committee on Jobs, the Economy, and Small Business to call a hearing on this matter. This comes days after the newspaper reported that the White House screwed up the the actual count of how many jobs the stimulus created or saved in Wisconsin. The White House reported that over 10,000 jobs were saved or created with the stimulus. However, JSOnline found that stimulus  jobs were double counted and cost of living increases were used to inflate the numbers of jobs created or saved.

The people of Wisconsin want to know is where are the jobs.  Despite the news of Republic Airways coming to Milwaukee is welcome news for all of Wisconsin, but until we know what is the real stimulus tally for Wisconsin the stimulus can be continued to rendered as a miserable failure for the Badger State.   Again, Rich Zipperer should be commended for calling out the Democrats on their incompetent handling of the stimulus.

The incompetence of how the stimulus is being handled in Wisconsin is one reason why Wisconsinites will be not be putting their trust in the Democrats in 2010.  The results of Republicans winning big in New Jersey and Virginia close to two weeks ago are the beginning of a pattern that conservative change will be coming soon to Wisconsin.

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