Coming soon: Uniting center-right bloggers to send Dave Obey to his retirement.

Sean Duffy

Sean Duffy (R-WI)

Soon on the North Shore Exponent, it will be getting center right bloggers across Wisconsin and America united for one purpose involving the Wisconsin-7 Congressional District. That purpose is to send Dave Obey to retirement.

There will be an exciting initiative coming soon as people will be united to send the author of the failed stimulus bill into his retirement and uniting their support behind Sean Duffy.

The mood around WI-7 is that people are realizing that there is a need for a big change. People up in WI-7 know that Dave Obey is not the person that best represents their interests. For many years Dave Obey has been an absolute jerk to the people he represents. This year in the heat of the health care battle, Mr. Obey has refused to meet with the people of his district face to face. When Americans for Prosperity gave Mr. Obey an invitation to speak at the historic Rothschild Pavilion in August, he refused.

For the first time in a long time, Republicans and Conservatives have a chance to win WI-7. Sean Duffy is the candidate that can finally beat David Obey and send him into retirement. This is why with one of the best political environments conservatives have in a long time that we need to be united behind Sean Duffy.

If you are sick of the bailouts and the failed stimulus, support the candidate that will knock out the author of the biggest generational theft in American history. No matter where you live in Wisconsin or across the nation you are invited.

Check back soon for more details

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