Desperate Democrats lodge false accusations of a Students for Scott Walker drive.

Snarlin Marlin

Marlin Schneider (D-WI Rapids)

Just today, career politician Marlin Schneider and Amy Sue Vruwink asked the Wisconsin Government Accountability Board to investigate an event held by Students for Walker at UW-Stevens Point.

In a report published by the La Crosse Tribune, UW System spokesperson David Giroux said that UW system attorneys found no illegal wrongdoing when asked about the matter.

This is the latest frivolous attempt by desperate Democrats in Wisconsin trying to derail Scott Walker’s campaign for Governor.   Earlier this summer, slick talking DPW Chairman Mike Tate lodged a frivolous complaint to the Government Accountability Board about the Milwaukee County Executive’s ride. Mike Tate in his phantom complaint to the GAB claimed that the motorcycle ride was a campaign event with AirTran being a sponsor.  In reality, the event was basically nothing but an official event to promote Milwaukee County tourism.  Also, the Milwaukee County Ethics Board gave Scott Walker their blessing before the event when asked about the AirTran sponsorship.

This latest publicity grab is nothing but desperation out of a Democrat party in disarray looking to switch the political landscape and score some quick political points.   With this example and Mark Neumann’s publicity stunt shows that Walker is in a good position while the opposition is desperate.

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