Keep on yapping Mike Tate about Scott Walker while your party does not want to accept fiscal irresponsblity.

Mike Tate

Mike Tate-DPW Chairman

There is another sign the Democrats are desperate in Wisconsin and again slick talking Democrat Party of Wisconsin Chairman Mike Tate is yapping it again. This time it is now talking about Scott Walker and Sarah Palin meeting together when the former Alaskan Governor was in Wisconsin last week.  This comes as a way for Tate to distract the fact that the independent Pew Research Center report found his party guilty as charged of serious fiscal mismanagement  in which Wisconsin is one of the top ten fiscally irresponsible states in America.

Tate is acting more like his shoe size than his age by complaining about reports in Time Magazine and JSOnline that the Milwaukee County Executive is seeking Sarah Palin’s endorsement for Governor.  Tate also rants about Scott Walker being a extreme right wing candidate pandering to what he called an extreme base if he gets Palin’s endorsement.

Well, this is an example of Mike Tate using the Creigh Deeds playbook that failed Democrats in Virginia.  This means that Tate wants to take the message off the focus of what next year’s election should be is the Wisconsin economy.  This means that Tate is attempting to switch the focus on Scott Walker and whoever endorses him to escape the fact that the Democrats in state government are responsible for putting Wisconsin in economic ruin.  Did you care to look at the vote tally in Virginia Chairman Tate when Mr. Deeds used that similar tactic?  That resulted in the largest margin of victory ever for a winning Governor candidate in Virginia and it was Republican Bob McDonnell who thumped Mr. Deeds by 18 points.

This is a classic example from the Democrat playbook when Mike Tate continues to reward his party for engaging in fiscal irresponsibility and being confronted by evidence that shows his party guilty as charged of fiscal mismanagement.  Next year, the voters of Wisconsin will send a clear message to Chairman Tate like the voters did in Virginia this November and saying that next year’s election is all about “its the economy, stupid.”

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