Capper can keep talking all he wants as he tries to discredit the Blogging Award I won.

Chris “Capper” Liebenthal has used some of the liberal hate that Charlie Sykes has described earlier this week on his blog in trying to discredit the award I won from Americans for Prosperity for Best Blog Coverage of the 2009 National Defending the American Dream Summit.

I want to take this chance and respond to a couple lies this union operative has talked about me winning this award.  First, I was notified by Americans for Prosperity staff out in Washington, DC earlier this week that I was named the award’s recipient.  Second, for Capper to call me a “blogging school dropout” is far from the truth.  For him to use this gross understatement to compare me to Scott Walker is nothing but a no-good wide left lie.

The award I won from Americans for Prosperity was an award I competed for with other bloggers across the United States who took time away from their everyday lives to come to Arlington, Virginia on October 2nd and 3rd.  There are many great conservative bloggers in every part of the nation, however I am honored that the Americans for Prosperity foundation has selected me for this honor.

Liebenthal’s lies perpetuated towards me is an example of a person who has used his power and position to engage in rude and vile attacks towards Conservative bloggers. Charlie Sykes has pointed it out towards his out of line remarks towards Governor Palin and her son with Down Syndrome.   The Hispanic Conservative has already pointed out that he is out of control with his lies towards Scott Walker.    Badger Blogger knows that his group Milwaukee County First is actually an arm that puts his friends in the unions first before taxpayers.  These are examples of how Liebenthal will keep stretching the truth to satisfy his buddies in action at AFSCME.

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4 Responses to Capper can keep talking all he wants as he tries to discredit the Blogging Award I won.

  1. Jim Arndt says:

    Your 46 word opening sentence makes me question the sense of whoever determines the winner of this “award.”
    You are right on one thing though, capper calling you a “blogging school dropout” was definitely an understatement.

  2. Zach says:

    Kyle, how exactly is capper a, “union operative?”

    What acts has he committed that warrant such vitriole?

  3. Zach says:

    Kyle, have I ever mentioned I was nominated for a Pulitzer Prize?

    I was.

  4. Jim Arndt says:

    I got second in a spelling bee once. Almost won a geography bee too.

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