Reports: Trouble in Neumann Camp

Jim Klauser

Jim Klauser

ScottForGov issued a report that there is trouble brewing in the Neumann Campaign for Governor. The word is that former Administration Secretary James Klauser under Governor Thompson  may be no longer supporting Neumann.

This comes as the blog further reported that Klauser’s wife Shirley could have stepped down as the campaign’s treasurer.  If this is true, this could be another blow to the campaign as former Neumann staffer Rick Wiley earlier this year abruptly quit the Neumann camp to join the RNC. One cause that Wiley may have bailed from Neumann is that he failed to pay Mr. Wiley $8,000 in consulting fees according to JSOnline.

As the campaign issued a statewide town-hall debate challenge earlier in the

Mark Neumann

Mark Neumann (R-WI)

week, the news of Klauser’s possible exit could be evidence that the challenge is a  desperation tactic.   Like I pointed out earlier this week, Mark Neumann is engaging in tactics similar to what Hillary Clinton did during the 2008 Wisconsin Presidential primary. Mrs. Clinton relentlessly challenged Barack Obama to debate between one another at Marquette as a way to gain traction she lost in the last two weeks of  the Wisconsin primary campaign.   It was known that Mrs. Clinton dealt with internal conflicts with campaign staffers during critical primaries including Wisconsin.   As Neumann may campaign on a message of his private sector experience, a big issue that  could be derailing his campaign is dealing with internal conflicts.  With Wiley already leaving the campaign and possibly Klauser on his way out this may show that really the former Congressman could be playing a Hillary Clinton in this Governor campaign.

Also, as the campaign nears one month to go before the year-end campaign finance reporting deadline the big question that could come up is how is the financial health of the Neumann campaign?    If the campaign loses the Klauser’s as a key fund-raising arm many observers could be skeptical of how much money Neumann could have raised in this reporting period.  Also the same observers may ask how Neumann could perform in future fund-raising cycles.

This shocking report could give us answers about some of the recent motives in the Neumann campaign.

UPDATE: Fred Dooley at Real Debate Wisconsin picked up the report too.

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