Possible campaign finance fallout for the Neumann Campaign?

Yesterday the hot story around the Republican primary was reports that Shirley Klauser left the Neumann Campaign along with James Klauser backing out of the race.   Now a bigger question could be is that if Mrs. Klauser left the Neumann Campaign could it be if there is possible campaign finance shenanigans happening?

As we are approaching nearly one month to go until the final campaign finance reporting deadline for this year it may been seen that Klauser’s possible exit from the campaign could bring up three factors:

1. That Klauser may initiate a campaign finance complaint against the Neumann Campaign.   Sources close to the North Shore Exponent told us that the Klauser’s are the not the type of people who take risks.   This is a shared sentiment from people that have known them for many years.   With that in mind, this could be a sign that she may file a complaint with the Government Accountability Board.

2. If a complaint is filed by the Klauser’s to the GAB one may want to ask is how could the December 31st campaign finance report look like?  Could there be possible shenanigans in the report, could it be known that Neumann has had trouble raising money since first announcing his campaign?   Earlier this year, as JSOnline report from Daniel Bice revealed that Neumann has failed to pay $10,000 in consulting fees to Rick Wiley.   Could the JSOnline report from earlier this year be the clue that Neumann may not be running his campaign honestly and upfront?

3.  Were the Klauser’s turned off by the management style of the campaign?  Sources have told us that Neumann has been known for a reputation for not being honest and upfront with his dealings.   Could the Klauser’s reveal some internal conflicts in the campaign that show that Neumann may have engaged in shady activity.

These are the possible scenarios that could lead to the downfall of the Neumann Campaign.   Stay tuned for more in this upcoming internal saga brewing in the Neumann Camp.


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3 Responses to Possible campaign finance fallout for the Neumann Campaign?

  1. grumps says:

    When you’re at Blogger Camp do they tell you how clsoe you can dance to Libel? You make a couple of truly sweeping leaps of logic here, Kyle. Are you prepared for Bader-style retribution?

  2. Kyle Maichle says:

    This is posing a question about what is going on in the Neumann Camp. Two other blogs including Real Debate and Scott for Gov have covered this story.

    Fred Dooley, Scott for Gov, and I all reported on this on Saturday Night. My analysis asks further questions on what could be in the Neumann camp. A

    Also, your thing about Bader in this comment is pure nonsense.

  3. Fred says:

    Look who is talking Grumps.

    You just attributed lots of things to me that I never said.

    Do you know what that is called? Libel.

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