NCAA Basketball Tournament in Milwaukee

So, I was able to get a ticket and watch last night’s NCAA tournament games held at the Bradley Center in Milwaukee.  It was a 400 level ticket I got, but it sure was better than not having a ticket.

The game last night between Oklahoma State and Georgia Tech was awesome and down to the wire.   There was also one good moment during one of the second half timeouts.  Georgia Tech’s band played a Wisconsin Badger Band favorite of their own, the Bud Song.   It got the whole arena clapping and even at the end all the people that wore Badger red at the game yelled its famous ending: “When you said Wisconsin, you’ve said it all”.  One fan from Oklahoma State asked me about all the Wisconsin fans yelling the bud song, and I told them its a Badger tradition.

The other game between Ohio State and UC-Santa Barbara was a blowout.  However, the question I want to ask is what is a Gaucho?   That is the the nickname of UC-Santa Barabara, the Gauchos.

The teams that seem to be well represented in the Brew City are Xavier, Ohio State, Pitt, and Minnesota.

My bracket in day 2 did better than day 1.  Teams I picked in Day 1 including Notre Dame, Marquette, Richmond, Vanderbilt, and Georgetown lost.  I picked both the Golden Eagles and the Badgers to go to the Sweet 16.

We will await how Wisconsin will do against what call the best Ivy League basketball team in 15 years, Cornell on Sunday.

Here are some photos below:

My game ticket to the NCAA Tournament

Scene around Old World 3rd Street for NCAA Tournament

Scene from Oklahoma State-Georgia Tech

Barn Burner in the Brew City

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