Mary Buestrin and Steve King speak

Mary Buestrin and Steve King gave their update about what is happening at the Republican National Committee.  Buestrin has stated that Wisconsin is one of 10 “Tier 1” states that will receive the most funding from the RNC in its goal of electing Republicans.  Buestrin said that Wisconsin Republican women will be invited to join the RNC at its women’s conference in Minneapolis in which Rep. Leah Vukmir is speaking at. Buestrin said that the success will come down to the grassroots.  The National Committeewoman for Wisconsin said that she hopes “Wisconsin Republicans Sweep Elections” will be on the front pages of newspapers the day after the election.

Steve King, the National Committeeman for Wisconsin said that Republicans need to stick to its principles, move to a culture of accountability,  and maintain its fiscal conservative roots to defeat progressives in 2010.  Later, King shown a video from the RNC involving the low-lights of the Obama Administration and urging activists to do what it takes to build the grassroots.  The video highlighted also the New Jersey and Virginia Governor victories in addition to the historic Scott Brown upset.

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