Walker gave a rousing speech stating he is ready to take back Wisconsin.

Scott Walker gave a rousing speech at the 2010 Wisconsin Republican Party Convention.  Walker entered through the center aisle through the speech.  In a speech that fired up nearly the entire convention crowd, Walker laid out his agenda and his case to be the endorsed candidate for Wisconsin Republican Governor.

A group of five activists gave the introductory speech before a convention video to build up Walker’s entrance.  This included a college student Nick Novak, Tea Party activst Nancy Milholland, and former Wisconsin State GOP Chairman Brad Courtney.  Scott Walker has said he is ready to take back Wisconsin government if he is elected.

During the nearly fifteen-minute speech Walker has stressed that he will lower taxes across the board in order to get the state’s ailing economy back on track.  In stating his opposition to the Milwaukee to Madison High-Speed rail, Walker said: “It is time to ship out these liberal bureaucrats and put ’em on a train out of Wisconsin.”  Walker also stated and made clear he would sign the Arizona immigration bill into law if any legislation was introduced in the Legislature.

Walker who has traveled the Lincoln Day Dinner circuit has had the best grassroots support in the opinion of convention delegates.  The other Republican candidates for Governor are speaking right now

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