Walker: The State Budget will be Priority #1 if Elected

This morning, the North Shore Exponent had the privilege to interview Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker who spoke to bloggers.   Walker said if he is elected on November 2nd, he will begin work on the Wisconsin state budget on November 3rd.  Walker told the North Shore Exponent that he had a meeting recently with the Legislative Fiscal Bureau on the upcoming state budget.  Walker was told by LFB staff that the state budget deficit is projected to be $2 billion dollars for the 2011-2012 biennium.  However, Walker stated that the deficit could be bigger depending on how indvidual government agencies make their budget requests.

When asked if he would support a constitutional amendment to cap operational spending and property taxes, Walker would support the proposed constitutional amendment offered by Rep. Mark Gottlieb (R-Port Washington) that would require a rainy day fund.  Also, Walker would support a strict cap on property tax increases as a way to control the state’s budget problems.

Also, when asked with Polaris and Red Prairie planning to move out of Wisconsin, Walker said that the moves are an indication: ” of the policies of Tom Barrett and Jim Doyle who want to take the state further downward.”

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