WICR Chairwoman Evans speaks about the strengths of the organization.

Charlotte Evans, the new Chairwoman of the Wisconsin Federation of College Republicans spoke in front of the crowd at the RPW State Convention.   Evans said that after the possible election wins, “that I will remain Republican unlike my predecessor” mentioning Lora Rae Anderson’s tumultuous departure from WICR.

Evans has promised that the Wisconsin College Republicans are committed to being “a more focused and mature organization” and stated that the organization has played a big role in the spring elections and recent special elections across the nation.

Also, Evans has also said that the Wisconsin College Republicans will continue to bring some of the key conservative names to campuses across the state.  UW-Milwaukee in the past year hosted Karl Rove and Ann Coulter at their campuses.

The new Chairwoman who is from Marquette University praised Fr. Robert Wild for not hiring a lesbian professor and upholding family values which has sparked uproar on campus. Lastly, Evans said: “we are not a group of moderates, a group of RINO’s, and Lora Rae Andersons.  We are here to stay.”

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