Reports: Mayor Barrett engages in bully tactics with RGA donors in Milwaukee.

Just this morning, Charlie Sykes mentioned reports of Mayor Tom Barrett calling businessmen in the City of Milwaukee who donated to the Republican Governors Association.

According to Sykes, Barrett expressed his displeasure by calling area businessmen who donated to the RGA .  The radio talk show host also reported that the phone calls may be in response to their donations funding ads released by the RGA.  Four television ads  were released by the RGA this year which criticize Mayor over lost jobs, tax increases, and bloated spending.

The RGA has been on offense so far this year.  This is evidenced by recent fundraising numbers showing the RGA with a $22 million dollar cash on hand advantage over their Democrat counterparts.

Maybe the RGA’s cash on hand numbers are a reason why Barrett has to engage in Chicago-style bully tactics with city businessmen who know how to spend their donations better than the Mayor.

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2 Responses to Reports: Mayor Barrett engages in bully tactics with RGA donors in Milwaukee.

  1. Larry Wellenstein says:

    The RGA is outside money that has no business in Wisconsin politics. Mr. Sykes is a radio personality. His only knowledge is in how to line his own pocket.
    Just ask his previous wife for proof of this. Mr. Walker has pushed Milwaukee County’s debt down the road to haunt us. He will do the same to the state if elected governor. He ignored the issue that he ran on and gutted the systems in place that benefit the people. As a result, people lost their jobs, we lost the beauty in our parks, the infrastructure was ignored to the point of people being killed. If he weren’t stopped Walker would have sold off the counties most valuable assets in typical Republican short-term thinking. Now he submits a budget that is illegal and laughs at those who have to clean up after him.

    • Kyle Maichle says:

      You must be against freedom of speech Larry. Both parties Governor’s associations are putting big money into the Governor’s race.

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