Michele Bachmann and George Will fire up crowd of 2,400 at Tribute to Reagan Dinner

Blogging from Washington

During Americans for Prosperity’s  4th Annual Tribute to Reagan Dinner, Minnesota Congresswoman Michele Bachmann and syndicated columnist George Will fired up a crowd of 2,400 at the Marriott Wardman Park.

During her remarks, the Minnesota Congresswoman told the crowd that ObamaCare will be repealed in 2013.  The crowd responded in loud applause to Bachmann’s promise.  Bachmann also stated that: “we have may have lost the fight, but we will win the war.”  Bachmann said that Obama would become a one-term President if he continues to pursue dangerous policies such as card check and cap and trade.

Columnist and ABC This Week panelist George Will concluded the evening with a speech mixed with his famous baseball analogies and some serious thoughts of the current political climate across the nation.

During his speech, Will slammed the Obama Administration for interfering economic markets.   The conservative commentator said that the health care reform bill would stifle health care innovation in the U.S.  Also, the veteran columnist thinks that the new financial reform regulation would make the economic situation worse.  Will felt that housing was the root cause of the current economic crisis.  One example he pointed out was a filibuster by Senate Democrats in 2005 to rein in Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

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