Paul Ryan fires up a packed Chicago Crowd for Joel Pollak

Blogging from Chicago

Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan was the main attraction for 400 Joel Pollak supporters who packed the Four Seasons Hotel Ballroom to financially support his campaign for the 9th District congressional seat in Illinois.

As the introductory speech began, a small crowd of hecklers attempted to enter the ballroom and disrupt the proceedings.  However, the hecklers were quickly removed by hotel security.

Congressman Paul Ryan was given a standing ovation by the large crowd in attendance.  During his brief remarks, Ryan said that Illinois is a very competitive state and could play a role in shaping the mid-term elections.  The Wisconsin Congressman cited how Republicans were doing well in the Governor and U.S. Senate races as an example.

Ryan also ripped on leading Democrats who have criticized his “Road Map for America” plan.  The Congressman said that the economic situation will get worse if spending on social security and other entitlement programs is not kept under control.

Joel Pollak was very pleased of the results of the fundraiser which netted over $150,000.  Pollak promised to supporters a victory on November 2nd against Jan Schawkosky.  Despite Illinois 9th Congressional District is a Democratic leaning district, Pollak feels that Schakowsky’s anti-Isreal attitude is turning off Democrats according to the candidate.  This has led some Democrats to support his campaign.  The 9th Congressional district has a large Jewish population.

Pollak also promised to repeal ObamaCare and reforming the House Ethics Committee as his top priorities for the election.

The 9th Congressional District of Illinois consists of three Chicago north side neighborhoods and the suburbs of Wilmette, Skokie, Des Plaines, Evanston, along with the Northwestern University.

Before the fundraiser, a crowd of 30 representing Citizen Action of Illinois and protested across the street from the Four Seasons hotel.  The protesters had signs saying “Hands off my Social Security”.

Editor’s Note: The article includes updated numbers we received from the Pollak Campaign last night.

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