Introducing PolitiCrap

Charlie Sykes has introduced PolitiCrap today.  PolitiCrap is like PolitiFact, but it goes to expose the bias and the spin the mainstream media has towards conservative candidates. 

The categories on PolitiCrap’s Truth-o-Meter are True, Blended, Mostly Crap, and Total Crap.

Also, PolitiCrap promises to take on the spin and lies that come from PolitiFact Wisconsin. 

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One Response to Introducing PolitiCrap

  1. Jim Arndt says:

    All this about the supposed bias the “mainstream media” has against conservatives sounds like a crybaby-liberal whine if I ever heard it. It also runs contrary to the facts. Am I hallucinating the constant stories about the power of the tea party I keep seeing? Not to mention the platform Sykes, Belling and company have to broadcast their ideas. But keep pushing this concept of liberal media bias in lieu of any real ideas. Just keep playing the victim and saying “we want our country back.”

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