Person in Walker smear ad on stem cell research serves on Board of Directors for stem cell advisory group.

Many people may not know that Heidi Fallone, the person who spoke in the untruthful smear ad against Scott Walker, serves on the Board of Directors of Wisconsin Stem Cell Now. 

North Shore Exponent first saw a comment on the Charlie Sykes blog earlier this week that mentioned that Heidi Fallone serves as a advisory board member on a stem cell advocacy group.  The name of the organization was found on Friday when Edward Fallone, using the screen name WI Stem Cell Now, was trash talking towards others who seriously questioned his wife’s accusations in the smear ad.   This was in a guest column in yesterday’s Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel which took issue on the claims made in the attack ad.

After checking the Government Accountability Board and Wisconsin Democracy Campaign’s databases, no financial contributions were made from the Fallone’s to the Barrett Campaign so far this year.  However, the Wisconsin Democracy Campaign database revealed that Mr. Fallone gave $250 to the Doyle Campaign.

Tonette Walker, the wife of Scott Walker, sent a e-mail yesterday denouncing the Barrett Campaign’s attack ad. Walker said in the e-mail that she has Type 1 Diabetes and stated that her husband has always supported adult stem cell research.  Personally, I feel any person that has a severe medical conduction and wants the hope and miracle of these new medical advances to cure these debilitating diseases.  I know this personally with a cousin that has fought multiple sclerosis for close to two decades and is fortunate to still live a full life.  However, no child or adult with a serious medical condition should be used as a political pawn to engage in false smear attacks for political gain on the issue of stem cell research.  

One must question if Mrs. Fallone used her position on the board to leverage her way to Barrett Campaign to have them issue the smear ad.   The Barrett Campaign must address any conflict of interests on Mrs. Fallone’s part immediately and own up that they also attacked Scott Walker’s wife.   Both Mr. and Mrs. Fallone and the Barrett Campaign should apologize to the Walker Campaign and Walker Family for their disgusting and juvenile attack.

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3 Responses to Person in Walker smear ad on stem cell research serves on Board of Directors for stem cell advisory group.

  1. grumps says:

    There is stem cell research Walker wants to see banned. Therefore…end of story.

    Barrett is not obligated to say that Walker wants to mince around and pretend to be for SCR.

    There is stem cell research Walker wants to see banned. If he doesn’t want people to call him extremist and out of touch he shouldn’t adopt extreme positions.

    And what’s up with Tonette sticking her nose into the campaign? I’d much rather hear from Walker’s running mate and he’s afraid to let her speak except to friendly audiences

  2. Kyle Maichle says:

    Whoa Grumps, you must not taken your medicine. What I am pressing is why you allow the Barrett campaign to cloak in conflicts of interest on stem cell research. This is shady Chicago politics at its best.

  3. grumps says:

    Oh, I taken my medicine, alright. How is it a conflict of interest to say “A” and then surround yourself with people who believe and live “A”?

    Barrett has been open and clear about where he stands. No cloaking. No personal interest for Barrett. Just standing up for what is right.

    You can’t just mix and match your slurs and innuendos. You have to actually find some that apply.

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