Jay Levine showed his true colors as a hack journalist

Earlier this week the whole nation saw two well-known Chicago television reporters become media hacks in the tank for Rahm “Dead Fish” Emanuel.

Jay Levine, the Chief Correspondent for CBS 2 Chicago threatened to deck WIND-AM 560 reporter Bill Kelly who wanted to ask the hard questions that Jay Levine did not want to ask.

Levine is a 36 year veteran journalist who destroyed his credibility as an objective journalist with his thuggish actions.  Many Chicagoans knew that moment was coming when CBS 2 gave Levine the role as their activist journalist earlier this year. CBS 2 has been going down in the tank while rival FOX Chicago news has been rising.   FOX Chicago picked up legendary political reporter Mike Flannery this year, who was a former colleague of Levine.

After watching this video, it shows the journalists working for the network owned local stations will sure put their best foot forward to Katie Couric or Diane Sawyer to be in the tank for Rahmbo.

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2 Responses to Jay Levine showed his true colors as a hack journalist

  1. brothertom says:

    Bill Kelly is not a reporter for WIND. He does have a one hour show on the station that he pays for, but that does not give him the right to use the station as his credentials. Amy Jacobson of the stations morning show seems to agree. I abtained this information via your own link.


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