“The Cartel” Movie showing in San Diego

Last weekend, I joined Aaron Rodriguez of the Hispanic Conservative for the Western RightOnline Conference in San Diego.  The two-day conference featured a showing of the gripping movie called “The Cartel”.  

“The Cartel” gave an inside look on how corruption in teacher’s unions is destroying our nation’s public education system.   The movie was filmed in New Jersey, home to a school system filled with fraud, waste, and abuse.

The consequences that comes with corruption include:

  • One school district going through 10 superintendents in 13 years
  • A teacher getting fired for blowing the whistle on illegal activity in her school.
  • Administrators getting arrested for stealing money from the schools.

A big example of New Jersey’s waste is that nearly $400,000 is spent on average per classroom.   Most of the money gets spent on administrative overhead and giving fat salary and pension packages to janitors.  Very little of that money goes to improving student performance.

Charter schools in Newark, N.J. were highlighted in the movie.  These  schools get better results than traditional public schools for less money.   Most charter schools in the Garden State receive only sixty cents on the dollar for funding compared to traditional public schools that get over one dollar.

For some parents in New Jersey’s largest city, getting their children into a charter school is their only hope of not falling behind in a failing system. 

I encourage anyone to see “The Cartel”.   After seeing the movie, you will be taken and angered by the corruption, waste, and abuse that happens in public education. 

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