My take on the NFL labor situation heading into Super Bowl.

A quick break from the Reagan Dinner posting as I wanted to give my take on the NFL labor situation.

On Friday during his State of the League address, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell did not comment if the league is heading towards a lockout.  As a devout football fan, I call on both Goodell and the NFLPA to get a deal in place for the good of the sport.

I also call on the NFLPA to stop its posturing and start working with the league’s owners to get a solution on rookie salaries.  A rookie salary limit is a common sense solution and would force first year players to earn it on the field if they want a bigger contract later in their careers.

Packers fans should be concerned that a lockout could be disastrous for Wisconsin’s economy.  With Green Bay being unique from other NFL cities, the effects of a lockout will impact the entire State of Wisconsin.  If you go to Green Bay for a Packers game weekend, hotels are booked up from Green Bay to Oshkosh.  Also, all the road teams stay in Appleton for home games.  Add in the Milwaukee ticket holders, they contribute too.

The economic impact of the Packers and the NFL is at stake in the next couple months and fans need to put the pressure on both sides to get a deal in place.

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