EXCLUSIVE: Wisconsin Democrat State Senator Lena Taylor caught on tape in Chicago’s South Side.

After receiving a tip from a friend in Lombard, IL, that State Senator Lena Taylor maybe speaking in person, I decided to go down to Chicago yesterday.  I went to the Experimental Station near the University of Chicago and got video footage of the fugitive Senator speaking to a packed house.  Ms. Taylor has not lost the same form for ranting her views since melting down last week on WLS 890’s Don Wade and Roma show. Senator Taylor may have found her new home in President Obama’s old stomping grounds.  If she upholds her promise to stay down in Illinois, Ms. Taylor can become the 60th member of the Illinois State Senate and forfeit her membership in the Wisconsin State Senate.  Governor Pat Quinn would welcome another big tax hiker with open arms to the Land of Lincoln.

A big thank you to Illinois Review for posting my video on Ms. Taylor’s school choice rant.

Lena Taylor gives a long ramble and rant on education. Ms. Taylor also said that she would stay in Illinois as long as possible.
In this clip, Lena Taylor double talks about labor unions. Ms. Taylor praises labor but at the same time criticizes teachers unions in the Milwaukee Area.
In this clip, Lena Taylor claims there is media bias in the whole Wisconsin budget battle. However, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel and other media outlets have been favorable to Ms. Taylor’s cause.
In this clip, Lena Taylor gives a long rant from complaining there is not enough women running for office to education. Ms. Taylor has not lost her form to rant, ramble, and rave from last Friday’s meltdown on 890 WLS.
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