Comment Policy

The North Shore Exponent is designed to be a forum for exchanging ideas in the political news and not so political news that is reported.  However, the blog is designed for civil discourse.

Your comments are always welcome on this blog.  However, The North Shore Exponent will NOT tolerate comments from people on the blog who engage in rude and vile conduct because they may not agree with something or to push a personal agenda.

The North Shore Exponent will not allow any comments that include:

* Unneeded name calling.

* Personal attacks

* Sarcastic statements

* Statements that involve racial or ethnic language.

If anyone is to found to comment in that fashion, comments will be deleted.  In some cases, they may be publicly ridiculed to make an example out of someone and to make the famous.  If its done repeadtely, the user’s IP address and screen name will be banned from the blog.


2 Responses to Comment Policy

  1. euandus says:

    I have been surprised by the lack of civil political discourse in some of the threaded discussions in the blogs. I suspect it might reflect the sort of people we are (i.e., in American society). Here is the post if you are interested:

    Your post suggests that you have see the same stuff.

  2. Elle says:

    I thought the Comment Policy opposes “needless name calling” “sarcastic statements” and “personal attacks”. Then how do you explain these statements from the “Dummy of the Month” section?

    “That is plan dumb and this why Citizen Action and MPS School Board President Peter Blewett are awarded this shameful dishonor for the month of March.”

    “In his speech, Senator Jauch who is the most socalist State Senator in Wisconsin ”

    “Rep. Milroy acted like a arrogant, freshman cocky Democrat”

    These sure sound like name-calling, sarcastic comments and personal attacks to me.

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