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Rep. Milroy and Senator Jauch’s Classless Post-Tea Party tirade on Superior Mayor Dave Ross earns them the April Dummy of the Month Award

After taking a break from blogging, I am back to award Dummy of the Month for April and this month’s award goes to newly elected State Rep. Nick Milroy (D-73rd District) and verteran State Senator Bob Jauch (D-25th District) for … Continue reading

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Madison Tea Party Sent a Real Message to Madison and Washington: ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!!!

I was helping out Americans for Prosperity today with the efforts of the Wisconsin Tea Party at the State Capitol and today, Americans for Prosperity well executed on its message and its aims as today’s large presence of fed-up taxpayers … Continue reading

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The Heart of the Battle on Card Check, Pennsylvania where Americans for Prosperity hit the message home on this dangerous legislation

Over this week Americans for Prosperity went to the state with the highest amount of union households, Pennsylvania to put the pressure on Senator Arlen Specter to vote NO on Card Check as now the GOP and many great organizations, … Continue reading

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